Short Term Money Loans

Customers are always calling and asking us for various types of money loans. We provide hard money loans on real estate right here from our home office in Tampa, Florida 813-874-5800. There are some good resources for non real estate secured – personal short term loans.  Be cautious of  late night TV lenders, internet advertisers […] Read more »

I have bad credit, a free and clear house – Looking for a small mortgage loan – Can you help?

This is one of our most popular questions and the answer is YES if……..your free and clear property is in Florida. We have an endless supply of private money available to lend in Florida. You can borrow up to a little more than half your house’s fair market value. The next part of this question […] Read more »

540 Credit Score Mortgage

Update a 560 middle credit score is now required please check out our credit guide to learn how to improve your score and qualify for FHA. So what’s the catch? OK well there is just one catch you’ll need a 10% down payment and some closing cost money OR the seller can pay closing costs. […] Read more »

640 Credit Score Mortgage

640 is the magic number your credit score needs to be at or above to get a mortgage from most lenders for most mortgage loan programs. We are approved brokers with investors that will go down to a 580 credit score on their FHA home loan program. We also have Hard Money Lenders who will […] Read more »