Hard Money Lenders: Learn how to get funded

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Hard equity loans are for borrowers that need a quick closing and may not qualify for traditional mortgage financing.

Typically loans are funded by private lenders based on the down payment or equity in a residential or commercial property. This type of loan has become more popular for residential single family financing since the collapse of the sub prime and Alt-A mortgage markets.

Many borrowers are ready to give up on getting funded until they hear about similar loans we have funded through our lenders.

We can help you even if you have an open unresolved foreclosure or short sale. The three to seven year waiting period has not passed after one of these major defaults has been resolved.

Maybe you have a unique property that cannot be approved using a conventional bank loan.

With a substantial down payment OR free and clear real estate we can arrange funding for almost any situation.

Florida free and clear home loans
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We can fund Hard Money Loans in Tampa the fastest since this is our home base. When you call we’ll ask you for the property address and take a look the same day. Once the property is pre-approved we simply need an application and very little paperwork to get you closed as soon as the title search is ready.

Rates and Terms

Typically rates are between 10% and 12% with terms up to 30 years. On owner occupied residences there will be no pre-payment penalty or balloons.

Recent closings

James had an open unresolved foreclosure and recently sold another free and clear home out of state. He contracted to by a nice 10 acre home for $275,000. Since he had a down payment of $100,000 from the recent sale of another property we were able to approve his new purchase on the spot.

Lacy listed her family home for sale and needed a bridge loan to build a new one in the New Tampa area. We were able to fund this right away and help her family with permanent financing on the new constructed home.

Richard a local Realtor had a short sale less than a year ago and his wife just started a new job. They found a great deal on a property in St Petersburg Florida. They were able to close in just a week after having most of their contract period wasted somewhere else before finding our quick and easy programs.

Jimmy gave up his million dollar home on the water in Dunedin by doing a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure after many failed attempts to work things out with his lender. Even with unresolved IRS Tax liens, we are helping him get a fresh start on a new more affordable fixer-upper home in Clearwater, FL.

Tell us your story and we’ll find a way to help. 813-874-5800

Property Types

  • Owner occupied homes
  • Commercial real estate
  • Rental properties
  • Condos and Townhouses


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