Florida Hard Money

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Florida hard money loans have become an essential tool for borrowing and investing in Florida. Even well qualified borrowers are having trouble getting banks and traditional mortgage lenders to approve and close their loans.

Banks have gone so far as to reduce interest rates on deposit accounts in order to drive cash away from their companies. Because they don’t want to lend it back out and it costs them money to pay interest on money the are not using.

When there is a need for a home loan homeowners and investors alike are being turned down in droves. A hard money loan can be the solution for both short and long borrowing needs. Hard money rates are lower than ever with our Florida mortgage company. Real estate prices are also much lower here.

Cheaper money and lower prices make hard money loans much more attractive since they are easy to get. Borrowers with paid off free and clear properties will close really fast when there is a need for cash. Home buyers and investors can also close quickly with a 40% down payment.

If you need hard money in Florida give us a call at 1-800-287-8858 or 813-874-5800.

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